He will give His angels charge over you
To guard you in all your ways
They will bear you up in their hands.
Psalms 91:11, 12
The Soldier’s Psalm

Military Miracles tells miraculous stories of survival and salvation in the face of certain death as told by the Marines who lived them in the midst of the BAttle for Baghdad during Iraqi Freedom.

Military Miracles tells the stories of three Marines, and their chaplain from the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine regiment during the first weeks of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As they enter Iraq in March 2003 and their regiment fights through the desert and into Baghdad, they experience a number of inexplicable events which can only be described as miracles.

This program tells their stories and how these miracles changed their lives.

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“On April 10, 2003 the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment experienced one of the bloodiest and longest firefights in the battle Baghdad.
In the midst of the battle, Staff Sergeant Thomas Russi was hit in the head while commanding his AAV from an open hatch.
After he awoke, he assisted his blinded AAV driver to continue to negotiate the narrow streets of Baghdad. When the battle was over, Russi took off his helmet to examine himself.
He noticed a small dab of blood and felt a small scratch on the top of his skull. Upon closer examination of his helmet, he saw that an enemy bullet had impacted his Kevlar helemt just above the top of his left ear.
Why didn’t it go straight through Thomas Russi’s skull? Why had it curved up over his head, crushed the foam lining, and then exited the helmet over his right ear?”